Generous Gifts at mFortune’s Loyalty Shop

mFortune’s Loyalty Shop is where it’s all happening. Here, members can exchange their accumulated bingo loyalty points for prizes or electronic gifts. Don’t miss out on even more rewards and register at mFortune today!

How to Earn and Use Loyalty Points

It’s totally worthwhile signing up with mFortune casino. It’s a great bingo site, and you get to play unique games that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Follow the three easy steps below to start earning and using your mFortune loyalty points.


Step 1 - Register

First, you will need an mFortune account. You can get into mFortune’s site via your mobile or desktop by using any secure search engine and click to enter. Or go straight to the mFortune site and bookmark it for easy access! Once there, follow the prompts to create your account.


Step 2 - Buy a Ticket

Once you have registered and your account is verified, you can claim your welcome bonus and make your first deposit. Once you have some funds in your mFortune account, navigate to any of the bingo rooms and buy a bingo ticket.


Step 3 - Redeem

For every £1 spent on bingo tickets, you wil earn 2 points that can be used in the loyalty shop. Players only need 250 points to get a prize in the loyalty shop. Prizes range from gift vouchers to electronics, and can even be exchanged for bonus credit! To redeem, simply visit the Loyalty Shop!

mFortune Bingo – Fun With Friends, Old And New

mFortune bingo is ideal for players who love to socialise while playing a game that isn’t too competitive and one that can be lucrative. With the mFortune Loyalty Shop, gaming becomes so much more rewarding! Players can redeem a whole string of different rewards by earning points as they play.

The online bingo community is made up of people from all walks of life, brought together by a love of the game. mFortune made a brilliant move by recognising the social nature of the game. It provided chat rooms for players to talk to each other.


mFortune Online Bingo at Home or On The Go

Each mFortune online bingo game session is different and the outcome of the game depends exclusively on luck and doesn’t need any previous experience. mFortune has eleven gem-themed bingo rooms each offering different jackpots.


The Diamond room

The diamond bingo room is the most glittering of them all. The ticket prices are a little more expensive, but the jackpot is massive, standing at £115, 030.00 right now.


The blue Sapphire room

You can see at a glance how many people are currently in the rooms at any given time. The jackpot is also fabulous at £56, 500.00 right now.


Sweet pink Amethyst

This is also one of the favourites with players flocking in to enjoy the game. The jackpot is a fabulous £53,583.00 at the moment.


The softly glowing Pearl room

Whilst this jackpot at £36,192.00 is not as fabulous as the others, the Pearl room is welcoming and offers wonderful bonuses as well.


The gorgeous Topaz room

This is the simplest of all the bingo rooms. Also highly valued with a modest, yet generous £19, 777.00 jackpot just waiting to be snapped up.